Atlas of the Equine and Canine Fascial System

Atlas of the Equine and Canine Fascial System

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Fascinating Fascia

What is fascia? Why and where does it exist? What role does it play in movement?

Dedicated to all who seek a deeper understanding of the fascial system in horses and dogs, this book delves into these questions and provides a comprehensive perspective on the myofascial network. It outlines its anatomy, physiology and functionality while explaining the connection between its anatomical-structural and clinical-functional aspects.

  • Cutting-edge: gain access to the latest fascia research, providing new perspectives on the role of fascia in movement, stability and function.
  • Comprehensive: discover how detailed examinations and clinical observations unveil the complexity of fascial networks in horses and dogs.
  • Illustrative: explore the myofascial system through numerous excellent illustrations, including cross-sectional images which enhance three-dimensional understanding.

Authored by an international team of esteemed experts, this atlas offers an in-depth exploration of fascial anatomy in horses and dogs, providing valuable insights, and serving as a vital resource for veterinarians, animal physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and bodyworkers.

Understanding fascia can lead to better treatment outcomes!

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on