Breast Cancer Mimics

Breast Cancer Mimics

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Breast Cancer Mimics is an enthralling collection of case scenarios collected by radiologists across the globe, highlighting the one common line of thought– benign breast lesions that resemble malignancies.

Composed of dedicated breast radiologists, this book reflects the practical challenges that have been encountered in actual scenarios. Sufficient and only relevant content has been provided, with more emphasis being laid on the images and descriptors which can aid in distinguishing these conditions from malignancies.

 Key Features

  • Wide coverage of all benign conditions which mimic malignancy on imaging.
  • Apart from common conditions, even some of the rarest cases such as mammary tuberculosis, filariasis, granular cell tumor of the breast, and angiomatosis have been covered.
  • Classified, topic-specific literature background and histology creates a complete picture for the reader.
  • Self-assessment questions at the end of each unit enable the reader to not only recapitulate the content but also stimulate the thinking process.

Urszula Wegner, MD, is an experienced Consultant Radiologist who is recognized for her aptitude in research with regard to breast imaging. She has worked across the United Kingdom and Europe, building a robust academic and professional development record. After being awarded the National Diploma in Radiology &Diagnostic Imaging and EDIR Diploma, she has pursued fellowships in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and an observership in Germany. Her research interests include mammography and early breast cancer detection with contrast-enhanced mammography and MRI. She has been an invited presenter at RSNA 2019 and also authored ESR assessment modules.

Chitrangada Singh, MD, is a gold medalist in Radiology. A slew of award-winning presentations led her toward bagging the scholarship in Advanced Breast Imaging offered by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) at the United Kingdom. A wide array of breast interventions, vacuum-aided biopsies and excisions, innovative methods of localizations, CESM, MRI, and CT staging with surgical and pathological correlations have been an essential part of her training at the United Kingdom. A winner of the RSNA grant 2019, she has authored numerous publications in national and international journals.