Clinical Case Studies Across the Medical Continuum for Physical Therapists

Clinical Case Studies Across the Medical Continuum for Physical Therapists

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High-quality clinical case studies provide robust physical therapy learning and teaching tool

Direct access legislation and a growing aging population has led to a greater number of people with medical complexities seeking physical therapy services. To ensure physical therapy students are adequately prepared to enter the demanding workforce, academic educators must provide clinical case studies that match clinical demands. Clinical Case Studies Across the Medical Continuum for Physical Therapists by distinguished editors Julie Skrzat and Sean Griech and an impressive group of expert contributors was developed with that goal in mind.

Twenty medically complex case studies, each with three standalone cases covering three distinct clinical settings, are presented to show medical and physical therapy management throughout the continuum of care. These high-quality case studies cover all the body systems and detail conditions including chronic, neurological, oncologic, and traumatic, which closely mirror cases seen in clinical practice. Each case study includes extensive medical data from an interprofessional team, imaging/diagnostic tests, social history, and physical therapy information. The text promotes interprofessional education by requiring learners to consider elements beyond the physical therapy plan of care.

Key Highlights

  • The design of the case studies enables learners to understand disease evolution, progression of medical management, and the reasoning behind subsequent changes in physical therapy care plans
  • Questions and answers encompassing all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, coupled with pause points and key points, promote critical thinking and problem solving
  • Six videos demonstrate how experienced clinicians respond to real-time clinical challenges with effective patient management strategies

This must-have resource for doctorate-level physical therapy students promotes synthesis of information across all aspects of care. It provides a multidimensional representation of the patient, facilitating optimization of physical therapy plans of care, both in the classroom and clinic.

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