Controversies in Spine Surgery, Volume 2

Controversies in Spine Surgery, Volume 2

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This is the second volume in a clinical series designed to examine the myriad approaches used in spine surgery today. Each volume of Controversies in Spine Surgery concentrates on a new set of 8-10 clinical problems, ranging from the most common to the most complex, and offers treatment strategies of choice from the world's leading spine surgeons.

The editors do not actively advocate one approach over another, but rather strive to put spinal problems into perspective and present the full spectrum of treatment options available for all featured conditions. In nearly every instance, at least three different and often conflicting therapies are presented for each problem, allowing the reader to judge, on a case-by-case basis, which approaches are likely to yield high-quality outcomes for the patients under their care. Existing differences of opinion are candidly acknowledged, and contributions are sought from experts in both orthopedic and neurologic spine surgery. Tightly focused and clinically oriented, this affordably priced volume is appropriate for spine surgeons at all levels of expertise.


  • Provides ongoing, broadly-based coverage of the entire field
  • Enables clinicians to quickly and conveniently weigh the relative merits of competing therapies
  • Free of bias - editorial board and contributors include orthopedic and neurosurgeons

See What's New in Volume:

  • Presents controversial approaches to thoracic disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation, and L4-5 degenerative disc diseases
  • Examines various minimally invasive approaches
  • Covers cervical decompression and fusion, intraoperative monitoring, pain management, and more