Fitness for the Pelvic Floor

Fitness for the Pelvic Floor

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"Although it is common to exercise many parts of the body to stay fit, very little attention is paid to exercising the pelvic floor. Perhaps we can prevent ending our lives in diapers if we devote some time to keeping the pelvic floor muscles fit." The Authors

Pelvic floor disorders affect some 200 million people worldwide and can cause debilitating symptoms in men, women, and children.

For over 17 years, Fitness for the Pelvic Floor has been an essential guide for physical therapists and patients alike, with its practical approach to navigating pelvic floor dysfunction.

The 2nd edition features new concepts for clinical applications by renowned physical therapist, Beate Carrière, and significantly benefits from contributions by co-author Dawn-Marie Ickes, an expert in integrative health and wellness, who adds new topics targeted at physical therapy students.

Key highlights:

  • Clinical pearls that aid therapists in their evaluation of pelvic floor disorders
  • Anatomical and physiological content as well as definitions of essential terminology
  • Easy-to-follow exercise routines that focus on activating and/or relaxing pelvic floor muscles
  • Over 50 instructive videos depicting various breathing and corrective functional exercises that have proven to be the most efficacious treatment methods for many patients


This is an essential resource for physical therapy professionals, patients seeking to reduce or eliminate symptoms of urinary urgency or pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic cavity, as well as individuals looking to improve their overall pelvic health.

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