Fundamentals of Medical Physiology

Fundamentals of Medical Physiology

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Master the fundamentals of medical physiology with this case-based text!

Fundamentals of Medical Physiology provides a concise, in-depth introduction by organ system to the principles of body function and uses emphasis on general models and clinical cases to foster mastery of these principles.

Special features include:

  • An emphasis on general models that underlie a number of recurring physiologic mechanisms -- for example, flow of substances and the factors that affect flow or energy formation and transformation -- to strengthen understanding
  • Use of clinical cases -- developed, refined, and tested in the classroom over the past decade -- to test mastery of physiologic concepts
  • Section-opening Patient Cases conclude with Some Things to Think About to help direct your study of the physiologic mechanisms of that organ system
  • Chapter Questions ask you to apply what you have learned in that chapter to building an understanding of the case
  • Answers to chapter questions allow you to check your understanding and direct further review
  • A comprehensive Case Analysis with "cause-and-effect" diagrams reviews in detail the physiology behind the case
  • Access via scratch-off code to all the cases in your book -- plus additional clinical cases -- with questions and answers and case analysis to enable convenient online review and testing

Specifically designed for the first- and second-year medical student, this innovative text -- ideal as a study aid for the USMLE -- provides the tools needed to learn and apply physiology to medical practice.