Getting Ready for Brain Tumor Surgery

Getting Ready for Brain Tumor Surgery

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Gain confidence in acquiring basic manual skills for brain tumor surgery...

In training to become a neurosurgeon, many of the crucial manual skills that must be acquired can only be mastered through growing experience during the rigorous and lengthy training process. Yet, many - often essential - practical skills can quickly be learned, practiced, and even mastered, away from the OR.

The author's motivation for writing this guide arose during his own training and his need for just such a practical aid. Getting Ready for Brain Tumor Surgery provides the readers with a basic set of exercises that will allow him to develop and improve their motor skills, handling of various tissues, and general technical competence. Detailed instructions are given in the illustrated text and in accompanying videos.

Topics include:

  • Planning: visualization of the procedure
  • The craniotomy - using a coconut
  • Working with the microscope
  • Removing a gyrus: subpial resection
  • Removing a brain tumor using an artificial model
  • Microsurgical training: the chicken wing model

Junior neurosurgical residents and interns will benefit greatly from this handy guide.