Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Lower Extremity Reconstruction

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The state-of-the-art guide to lower extremity reconstruction from international experts

"I loved witnessing two generations of surgeons working together to capture it all: origin, evolution and progress, state of the art, and the future in one beautifully-crafted and exciting book. This is no doubt a must-read and must-have book." – from the Foreword by Fu-Chan Wei, MD

Adequate evaluation of lower limb wounds for salvage requires an itemized assessment of vascular, osseous, soft tissue, and functional deficits. Lower Extremity Reconstruction: A Practical Guide by renowned reconstructive surgeons and perforator flap masters J.P. Hong and Geoffrey G. Hallock presents an orthoplastic approach to this growing and challenging area of microsurgery. Throughout the well-illustrated text and videos, an impressive cadre of international surgeons share pearls and insights, including esoteric knowledge and step-by-step demonstration of techniques with pertinent case examples.

This unique guide presents a practical, visual, and stepwise approach to learning and mastering a full array of flap and microsurgery approaches for traumatic, dysvascular, metabolic, and oncologic lower limb defects. Organized into 26 topic-specific chapters, the book covers a full spectrum of lower extremity topics—from wound prep, timing, closure alternatives, and therapy, to soft-tissue tumors and a new concept in drop foot treatment. Numerous videos demonstrate how surgeons can leverage workhorse options to prevent chronic non-healing wounds or amputations and achieve the goal of limb salvage.

Key Highlights

  • Lower extremity soft-tissue reconstruction techniques using local muscle and perforator workhorse flaps
  • Bone salvage and restoration techniques, including vascularized bone grafts
  • Diabetic foot management with in-depth discussion of the SCIP flap and perforator-to-perforator concept
  • Rationale for partial and subtotal foot amputation
  • 27 videos and more than 600 illustrations enhance understanding of microsurgical interventions


With insights from top microsurgeons on how to achieve the best outcomes for patients with lower limb defects, this is a must-have resource for plastic and orthopaedic surgeons, especially specialists who treat patients at trauma centers.

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https://medone.thieme.com.