RadCases Head and Neck Imaging

RadCases Head and Neck Imaging

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All the key Radiology cases for your rounds, rotations, and exams

Head and Neck Imaging presents the challenging cases that are most likely to be encountered by residents and radiologists focusing on imaging of the head and neck. It helps radiologists correctly interpret images and thus quickly make initial diagnoses on both common and less common disorders of the head and neck. This book is also an effective review guide for those studying for the radiology board exams.

Features of Head and Neck Imaging:

  • Content covers the imaging of the temporal bone, skull base, orbits, paranasal sinuses, and all the structures of the head and neck
  • Examples of critical cases that must be accurately diagnosed in daily practice and on exams
  • Clearly labeled, high-quality images help you quickly absorb key findings


RadCases contains cases selected to simulate everything that you’ll see on your rounds, rotations, and exams. RadCases also helps you identify the correct differential diagnosis for each case—including the most critical.

RadCases covers:

  • Cardiac Imaging · Interventional Radiology · Musculoskeletal Radiology · Neuro Imaging · Thoracic Imaging · Pediatric Imaging · Gastrointestinal Imaging · Breast Imaging · Emergency Radiology · Nuclear Medicine · Ultrasound Imaging · Head and Neck Imaging · Genitourinary Imaging


Each RadCases title features 100 carefully selected, must-know cases documented with clear, high-quality radiographs. The organization provides maximum ease of use for self-assessment. Each case begins with the clinical presentation on the right-hand page; simply turn the page for imaging findings, differential diagnoses, the definitive diagnosis, essential facts, and more.

This RadCases book comes with a code providing access to additional online cases: 100 from this book plus 150 more cases.

Learn your cases, diagnose with confidence, and pass your exams. RadCases.

This print book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https://medone.thieme.com.

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