Surgery of the Auricle

Surgery of the Auricle

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A comprehensive guide providing essential information for successful surgery

Winner of the First Prize in ENT at the 2008 BMA (British Medical Association) Medical Book Competition

This book is a comprehensive guide to the delicate and complex reconstructive procedures for the external ear. Featuring concise descriptions, step-by-step instructions, and numerous before and after photos, this book provides surgeons with the essential knowledge that successful surgery in this difficult field demands.

The text opens with an overview of the anatomy and anthropometry of the external ear, aesthetic principles of auricular reconstruction, and the basic principles of plastic surgery. Separate sections of the book provide in-depth discussion of the techniques for managing tumors, trauma and non-inflammatory processes, auricular defects, and abnormalities.


  • More than 1,300 illustrations and photographs that aid comprehension of auricular problems and surgical steps
  • Detailed discussion of classification of auricular defects and abnormalities
  • Coverage of the radiologic examination of malformations of the petrous temporal bone

An incomparable reference for all surgeons specializing in treating defects and disorders of the external ear, this volume succeeds beautifully in capturing the myriad creative, scientific, and technical facets of auricular reconstruction.