The Art of Refractive Cataract Surgery

The Art of Refractive Cataract Surgery

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The quintessential, reader-friendly guide to refractive cataract surgery (RCS) fundamentals

An estimated 3.6 million cataract surgeries are performed annually in the U.S. Significant advances in IOL technology and techniques have been made in the last two decades. Concurrently, this has given rise to a growing desire among cataract patients to correct preexisting refractive errors with the goal of reducing or eliminating reliance on glasses/contact lenses. Recent surveys have shown that ophthalmology residents and many practicing cataract surgeons receive inadequate training in RCS, including astigmatism and presbyopia correction. The Art of Refractive Cataract Surgery: For Residents, Fellows, and Beginners edited by renowned cataract experts Fuxiang Zhang, Alan Sugar, and Lisa Brothers Arbisser fills a gap in the literature.

This the first book specifically written for students, with uniquely focused chapters based on residents' and junior colleagues' questions and refined by their real feedback. Featuring contributions from a carefully curated team of distinguished refractive cataract surgeons, this reader-friendly book provides expert insights on essential principles and how-to surgical guidance for diverse types of premium IOLs. Clearly-defined basic and fundamental knowledge and applications provide ample inspiration for trainees and early-career refractive cataract surgeons to ford the challenging river of learning curves. Each premium IOL chapter includes candidate selection criteria, contraindications, and evidence-based pearls to inform surgical decision-making, prevent complications, and improve patient outcomes.

Key Highlights

  • Twenty-three chapters cover a full spectrum of contemporary refractive cataract surgery topics, including Topography/LRI/Toric/MFIOL/EDOF/Trifocal/Monovision/Piggyback/ORA/FLACS
  • Detailed prerequisite of surgical pearls helps ensure optimal outcomes for every cataract surgery
  • More than 20 procedural videos provide clinical insights on specific techniques
  • High-yield tables, charts, and illustrations enable rapid acquisition of key information

The authors believe that this unique resource has great value for residents, fellows, and early-career refractive cataract surgeons who wish to incorporate this facet of ophthalmology into practice or improve their RCS skills.

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